A place to remember…

Palacio de Mariana Pineda HOTEL – MUSEUM XVII CENTURY


Palacio de Mariana Pineda, stately palace of the nobility built during the XVII century with a magnificent pillar of 1644, was the familiar house of the mentioned heroine, born on September 1st 1804. As the time went by, the wars, fights and life have filled of history the patio and its walls.


Palacio de Mariana Pineda hotel-Museum keeps a magnificent central patio where a wonderful pillar stands out with an original coat of arms of the mentioned period, its lower part was made by Diego de Siloé (XVI century) and its upper part from 1644 built by the aristocratic family of Los Pisa . By the lighting central patio logs on to the different original salons and to the five rooms, main of them with incredible views to La Alhambra and the emblematic Darro river. The mentioned central patio is communicated with the amazing cellar made in exposed brick where it’s kept an ancient well that used to take the water from the Darro river.


The five rooms of different environments count with wonderful views, the baths are decorated with handmade tiles of traditional ceramics of Granada known as Fajalauza (Morales family since 1640) whirpool or Jacuzzi and views of the Alhambra (four of them).

Hotel Palacio Mariana Pineda